Texas Fundraising

Great Texas Fundraiser is specifically designed to be an integral year round component of your fundraising arsenal.  We offer numerous opportunities to approach both current constituents and your broader community.  We accomplish this with inducements that you will find no-where else.  In fact, we take demonstrable steps to promote both your organization and its mission making it easy for you communicate your accomplishments and contributions.

Great Texas Fundraiser is far more than just another way to raise money.  We Extol, Edify and Encourage your passion and your purpose.  Used properly, Great Texas Fundraiser can become an incredible “Force Multiplier” for your organization.  Public praise is powerful.  There is nothing more public or more powerful than our exclusive product, The Native Texan Hall of Fame.    

Great Texas Fundraiser provides extraordinary resources to qualified Texas organizations.  Be you a non-profit, club, or school, you’ll find the promotional and product resources we deliver indispensable.

By working with us, your organization will be exposed to a large pool of potential constituents that would otherwise be unavailable to you.  The work you do is of critical importance to Texas.  We help you communicate your message over and over again.

There’s no place like Texas.  We’ve taken the pride all Texans feel and developed a comprehensive system permitting you to capitalize on it, build on it, and prosper from it.

Great Texas Fundraiser™, honors those you serve and those that serve you very publicly, very powerfully, very profitably.

We honor deserving Texans with induction into The Native Texan Hall of Fame.  The Native Texan Hall of Fame is the only hall authorized by The National Site of Texas.   You’ll use unique promotional tools permitting your organization to capitalize on major gift giving occasions such as Mother Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and others. We’ll show you how to energize your base and extend your efforts into the broader community.

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