24/7 Fundraising Marketing System

When you’re working with Great Texas Fundraiser, you’re placed in a position to succeed.  With our product, The Native Texan Hall of Fame, those that support you will be extoled, edified and encouraged.  Further, our significant efforts provide you with a tremendous opportunity to benefit from those that choose to support your organization as well as an opportunity to present your organization to an ever expanding audience.

As you’ll see in our “How it Works” section, we numerous ongoing events that provide ample opportunity for new inductees into The Hall to select you as a beneficiary organization when they apply for induction.

There are two types of these events.

An event built around a specific holiday.   These are promoted and embodied within:

  • TexasDads.com – Father’s Day
  • TexasMoms.com – Mother’s Day
  • TexasValentines.com – Valentine’s Day

A genre of potential participants not tied to a specific holiday.

  • TexasLeaders.com
  • TexasBirthday.com
  • TexasBabyGifts.com
  • ChristianCharity.com
  • TexasClassrooms.com
  • HonorTexasPolice.com

Within the second group, we make an additional effort during National Police Week and Teacher Appreciation Week.  Both events are in May.

In addition to the Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day special efforts, Texas Dads, Texas Moms and Texas Valentines are in place and helping to drive traffic year round.

Collectively, this 24/7 year round effort helps your Texas organization attract attention, interest and support.

To receive this continuous effort, you simply select a current beneficiary from Friends of Texas, nominate a qualified Texan for inclusion in The Hall and name your qualified Texas Organization for inclusion into Friends of Texas.

No further action is necessary.

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