Native Texan

Native Texan is our sister site and the primary internal traffic generator.  In Native Texan, we alternatively present Great Texas Fundraiser and The Native Texan Hall of Fame.  Through these effort, those organization that are already designated as Friends of Texas may benefit as visitors nominate friends, family and others to the Native Texan Hall of Fame.  

This benefit is derived because anyone nominating someone into The Native Texan Hall of Fame must select an existing “Friend of Texas” to nominate through.  That Friend will then share in a portion of the nomination fee.    

Native Texan further serves you by maintaining and growing a list.  We do this through our Native Texan Lotto.  Through this feature, we buy and hold Texas Lotto Tickets.  We use these tickets to create a free lotto pool.  Persons visiting the site are permitted to register and play the game for free.  Should we hit the Lotto Texas Jackpot, we agree to share and share alike with all registered players.  Through this mechanism, we communicate with our growing list at least four times per week.  The sequence is:

  • Reminder to Register for the GameNative Texan Lotto
  • Report Results of the Game
  • Reminder to Register for the Game
  • Report results of the Game

Each of these communications is built around the Texas Lotto drawings. 

This is of tremendous importance to Great Texas Fundraiser participants because it provides us with an opportunity to announce appropriate holidays and events that might prompt an application for induction into The Hall.  As noted before, each application must be made through Friends of Texas.  Current Friends of Texas will benefit from these efforts.

The specific efforts built around Native Texan are in addition to the holiday specific sites and the genre specific efforts.  You read about those efforts in our 24/7 marketing presentation.  Click Here

Additionally, we do Search Engine Optimization and many other activities designed to attract and retain visitors.  We undertake a significant effort that is added to whatever communications you undertake to announce your organizations “Friends of Texas” status to your constituency. 

Select a “Friend of Texas” and Start Earning:  Click Here

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