About Us

Great Texas Fundraiser helps qualified Texas organization energize their fundraising efforts.  We do so by paying a significant remittance to current participant each time a new organization elects to work with us.  The new organization will select a “Friend of Texas” to support when they nominate someone into The Native Texan Hall of Fame. 

The Native Texan Hall of Fame is our product.  The Hall extols, edifies and encourages deserving Texans that appear therein.  When you nominate someone into The Hall, and they’re accepted, you’re permitted to name a qualified Texas organization as a “Friend of Texas.” 

Once your organization is accepted as a Friend of Texas, you’re provided with a specific location within “FriendsofTexas.com.”   This permits two things to happen:

Your organization will receive a significant remittance for those people that you send to your link that submit an accepted nominee into The Hall.

Your organization may receive additional remittances as people are attracted through our promotional efforts and elect to support your organization when they submit an accepted nominee into The Hall. 

We promote The Hall with our 24/7 Marketing System.  These efforts may result in applicants supporting your organization with their nomination.

Learn about our 24/7 Marketing System:  Click Here

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