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Lotto Central Drives Fundraising Traffic

Lotto Central is a significant benefit provided to Great Texas Fundraiser clients.  Lotto Central hosts a FREE lotto pool.  There is no cost to play any of our games. 

We buy tickets and report the results, committing to distribute jackpots equally with registered players. 

This permits us to communicate with our growing player base at least 4 times per week.  There are two drawings each week so we:

  • Remind Players to Register For Saturday’s Game
  • Report the Results of Saturday’s Game
  • Remind Players to Register for Wednesday’s Game
  • Report the Results of Wednesday’s Game

Week after week we communicate with our growing base of players reminding them to make purchases for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day and many others.  This effort presents Great Texas Fundraiser products to an interested audience over and over again.  As players make purchases, our existing clients benefit directly.  If players select your organization as the beneficiary of their purchase, your organization will receive a payment.  

We do a great deal more to help our clients grow and prosper.  This is in addition to whatever efforts you personally undertake.  This creates a truly virtuous circle for all parties. 

There is a one-time investment to place your qualified organization into our perpetual marketing system.  You’ll select an existing client, make your one-time purchase benefiting them, and then nominate your qualified organization for inclusion into our system. 

That’s all there is to it.

If you’ve not already registered at Lotto Central, please do so through the following link.  You’ll arrive at    

Registration at Texas Fundraiser, rather than at Lotto Central, provides you additional information describing how our system can benefit your organization.  You’ll soon understand the significant value our product and comprehensive promotional system provides your qualified organization.

If you initially subscribed at, there is no need to do so again.


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