Christian Charity Fundraising is the site in which we present The Native Texan Hall of Fame to the Texas Christian Community.  It is our intention to assist as many Christian organizations as possible.  Once a person is nominated into The Hall, they can then nominate a qualified Christian group that will benefit from those that choose to support them.  Placement of a Christian organization into Friends of Texas could provide financial Jesus Christ Viewing The Worldsupport for years to come.

Christian Charities experience the same funding issue that other non-profit organizations face.  The need they meet always exceeds the resources they possess.  When a member of that organization nominates a person into The Hall they’re then permitted to recommend a qualified Texas organization to become a Friend of Texas.  Upon inclusion into Friends of Texas, the Christian organization is then placed in a position where other supporting members can directly benefit the organization.

This provides two things to the Christian organization. 

  1. An immediate contribution as those persons supporting the efforts of the entity make their purchases through the support link provided.
  2. Exposure as folks contemplate supporting the group and perhaps visit their web site to see what they’re doing and who they are serving.

The benefits to the Christian Charity could be tremendous.  

Cross of Jesus ChristFamilies, friends, employees and others familiar with the work of your Christian Charity that choose to nominate a candidate into the Native Texan Hall of Fame must make the nomination through Friends of Texas.  Those organizations that are designated a Friend of Texas may receive a direct remittance from Great Texas Fundraiser if they’re selected as a beneficiary.  If your organization is already a Friend of Texas, the Texas Executive’s induction may benefit your organization. 

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