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TexasLeaders.com is the site in which we present The Native Texan Hall of Fame to Texas Leaders LeadTexas Leaders and Texas Executives.  It is our intention to place as many Texas Leaders in The Hall as possible to serve as a role model for Texans, young and old, that aspire to be more, to have more and to create more than they dreamed possible.  The inductees into The Hall will provide generations of Texans with inspiration for their aspirations.

Texas Leaders make extraordinary contributions to their families, their employer, their employees and their community.  The Native Texan Hall of Fame makes a very special effort to identify and recognize the extraordinary work done by these incredible people.

Texas Leaders are called upon to make incredible sacrifices.  As they rise in their Leadership Roles, their responsibilities increase as their rights decrease.  When the job MUST be done, many times they find that they are the only one that can accomplish the Extraordinary Texas Leaderstasks.  Whatever the costs, the Texas Leader will see that the mission is accomplished. 

Texas Leaders know and understand there is no success without sacrifice.  Whether conquering a class or conquering a hill, nothing is easy, nothing is handed to them and they expect that no quarter will be asked and none will be given.  Texas Leaders lead, whatever the cost.

Texas Leaders know the sacrifice is necessary.  Anytime you see someone succeeding, you can be absolutely certain that someone else made sacrifices to make it possible.  Texas Leaders know, as a leader, if you sacrifice for others, even if you don’t witness the success, you can be absolutely sure that someone in the future will benefit mightily from what you’ve given. 

Whether a Texas Teacher, a Texas Executive, a Texas Police Officer, or a Texas Mom or Dad, Texas Leaders know with absolute certainty that the good you sow into the community today will help someone return it to others in spades.

What they do today makes a difference, both now, and for generations to come. Incredible Texas Leaders

Families, friends, employees and supervisors of Texas Leaders that choose to nominate a candidate into the Native Texan Hall of Fame must make the nomination through Friends of Texas.  Those organizations that are designated a Friend of Texas may receive a direct remittance from Great Texas Fundraiser if they’re selected as a beneficiary.  If your organization is already a Friend of Texas, the Texas Executive’s induction may benefit your organization. 

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