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TexasBabyGifts.com is the site in which we present The Native Texan Hall of Fame to Texas Moms, Texas Dads, Texas Grandparents, and Texas God Parents as the perfect gift Beautiful Texas Babyfor the new baby in their life.  The Hall is the perfect venue to expound upon your hopes, your dreams and your prayers for the new arrival.  What a wonderful gift it will be for Mom and Dad and also, for the new arrival.  How wonderful will it be when he or she is older?  They’ll know and understand the very special place they held in your heart from the moment they arrived.  Through the actions and effort undertaken when they were less than a toddler, they’ll know that you’ve always had their back and always will.

It is truly a wonderful and unique gift for any family.

What do you want for your new perfect Texas baby? 

Maybe you’ll tell the new arrival that you pray he will be a good person who is confident, assertive, and intelligent.  A person who can say “no” with confidence and not be afraid of risking a friendship by setting clear, healthy boundaries. 

You hope that he treats all people fairly, as Dr. King said,

Perfect Texas Babies“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Don’t we all hope that our children will be blessed with the intelligence and insight permitting them to exercise discernment based on facts, rather than bias.

Wouldn’t we want our children to learn from life?  To not make the same mistakes over and over again.  We want them to accept guidance from us and others that are worthy of their trust.  To possess the perspicacity to know who those others are.  To have the direction and fortitude to take chances where appropriate.  To have the character to insist on courtesy to all and choosing to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.  It would be wonderful if the new baby would grow into an adult that understood that he, and only he, was responsible for his actions.  If child took an action, any action, he or she took would be taken without intentional harm to anyone.

What better gift for a new Texan than to pray that he or she learns and understands the value of education, so much so that they become an intentional lifelong learner.  We hope that they grow into a person of stature that others look to for guidance and wisdom.  We pray that they know and understand that they can do anything they choose to.  All it takes is persistence and patience. 

As the great Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu said:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

We wish that our children will have the patience to begin their new journey, whatever that journey is, and the persistence to see a worthy goal through to its conclusion.Precious Texas Baby

What better gift for a new Texas child than to publicly and powerfully express our very best wishes for them, for now, and forever?

Families, friends, and others that chose to write their aspirations for a Texas baby and have him or her inducted into The Hall must make the nomination through Friends of Texas.  Those organizations that are already designated a Friend of Texas may receive a direct remittance from Great Texas Fundraiser if they’re selected as a beneficiary.  If your organization is already a Friend of Texas, the induction of the child into The Hall may benefit your organization. 

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