How It Works

This is the comprehensive explanation of what we do to help you create and sustain a steady source of income for your qualified Texas organization.  For a single page high level explanation, please Click Here

Our product is The Native Texan Hall of Fame – Click Here

To help you promote both The Hall and your Qualified Texas Organization, you will be designated a Friend of Texas.  Click Here

To aggressively promote Friends of Texas independent of whatever personal efforts you undertake, we maintain, sustain and promote the following sites.  We have acquired, organized and executed a system that permits us to conduct annual promotions as well as continuous promotion of persons that deserve to be honored and will be honored within The Hall.  Your participation in Friends of Texas positions your organization to directly benefit from these promotions. 

For greater detail on what the sites are and how they benefit your Texas organization, please click on the links below.

To enjoy the significant benefits delivered by the aforementioned sites, you need only nominate someone for induction into The Native Texan Hall of Fame.  To do that, you must select and existing Friend to Texas to benefit from your purchase. 

Once you’ve done so, you’re permitted to nominate your qualified Texas organization as a Friend of Texas.  From that point forward, your Texas organization will benefit from both your direct efforts and the 24/7 marketing system provided by Great Texas Fundraiser.

To get started:  Click Here

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