Active Marketing Efforts


Active Marketing Efforts

When you registered at Fundraising System, you will begin receiving subsequent communications from

The reason why is not immediately apparent.  This note is to explain why.

One of the most significant benefits we provide clients is our:

Continuous Marketing System

This system is both active and passive.  An active component is a list we’ve built and regularly communicate with through our activities at Lotto Central.

We buy lotto tickets, hold these tickets and report the results.  The public plays because we commit to share and share alike in any jackpot that we may win. 

These frequent, friendly, welcome communications permit us to promote our fundraising product to this large population.  Accessing the Great Texas Fundraiser System means you may benefit from these retail sales. 

All fundraising sales occur through:


As a participant in our system, you will be placed in Friends of Texas and have an equal chance of benefitting from these retail sales.

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