Great Texas Fundraiser Product

The Product

Our product is the Native Texan Hall of Fame.

This uniquely Texas product provides the following to recipients and the organizations they represent.  Our product is a vehicle to:  

  • Extol;
  • Edify;
  • Encourage

Those that you support and those that support your organization in a very public, powerful and compelling manner.

The Inductee will point with pride at both the placque and the on-line presentation.  It’s an award that recognizes them for their contributions and accomplishments in assisting your organization and furthering its goals. 

Additionally, the presentation becomes another public point of contact for your organization, exposing your entities purpose and objective. 

The recipient of this Honor will love both the public recognition and the incredible deliverable they receive officially communicating and commemorating their induction into The Hall.

Both to Honor your recipient and achieve continuous access to our system and the significant benefits provided therein, you will support 1 (one) existing participant 1 (one) time. 

Participants in our system are designated “Friends of Texas.”  Your qualified organization will be as well permitting you to benefit from our future marketing efforts.

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