Texas Baseball Fundraising

Baseball Fundraising


Texas High School and College Baseball Teams are poised to participate in a continuous fundraising effort that serves significant benefits year round.    Many coaches and teams spend far too much time trying to raise money to purchase new uniforms and equipment.  Those days could soon be over.  Rather than trying to figure out how to do more with less, you can engage with a powerful system that enables you to earn for years to come. 

Most people understand that sports and athletics play a critical role in our Texas communities.

Among other things they:

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle – I’ve been involved in sports at various levels for decades.  I can say with absolute certainty that playing sports both from a comradery High School Baseball Playerand health perspective has been absolutely indispensable.  I love sports and want to see all Texan’s enjoying Baseball as much as I do.  It is incredibly important that there is money for sports.

Motor Skill Development – There is nothing more gratifying than to see a young, awkward student grow into a champion.  It’s happens all the time.  From the inept novice athlete to experienced formidable player.  It is well worth the financial investment to assure that happens as frequently as possible.

Social and Parental Bonding – Teens, young adults and others that play sports learn critical social skills that will serve them well.  From the comradery with team mates, to teamwork in class, to a deeper bond with family as wins are celebrated and losses are born together.  Sports provide significant benefits on every level of human interaction.  It’s imperative that there is sufficient money to make it happen.

Safe Fun –  High School and College Baseball are supervised, coached, monitored and regulated.  It provides the physical outlet young athletes must have.  If they’re not releasing their pent up energy in supervised organized athletics, they’re going to release it somewhere else.  There are too many pitfalls in an unsupervised scenario.  It’s critical that sports are funded and made available to our children and young adults.

Teamwork Skills – Every member on every team has a job.  It’s gratifying to watch the very young athlete playing baseball.  They’re standing in the outfield staring off into space.  After a short learning curve, the young players are riveted on the game.  They know that each and every player is essential to the team.  It’s a moldy oldy, but I’m going to say it anyway.  There is no “I” in Team.  This indispensable lesson will serve them well in any role they play.


It’s a lot of work to raise the tens of thousands of dollars it takes to keep each and every player trained and in the game.  The effort to do so never ends. 

The task just became easier.

There’s a persistent, continuous way for Texas Coaches and Athletic Boosters to reach out to their communities all year round.  By utilizing Great Texas Fundraiser, boosters will have select events to build their fundraising efforts around.  We maintain a portfolio of College Baseball Playersites that are designed to attract customers around certain national holidays.  For example, TexasDads.com is perfect for Father’s Day, TexasMoms.com is exquisite for Mother’s Day, and TexasValentines.com is made for Valentine’s Day. 

Additionally, Boosters will have the opportunity to benefit from people that support their team, but are unaware of their need for resources.  When your Baseball Team is listed as a “Friend of Texas,” it becomes very easy for you to direct your supporters to assist you as they celebrate birthdays, the birth of children, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other gift giving occasions.   

It is of immense importance for Texas schools, colleges and communities to continue to support and provide athletic opportunities for our children.  Let Great Texas Fundraiser help.

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