Texas Library Fundraising

Library Fundraising


Texas Libraries can participate in a continuous fundraising effort that serves significant benefits year round.    Many librarians spend the vast majority of their professional life raising money, and figuring out how to do more with less. It doesn’t have to be like that.  It’s not that way everywhere. 

Most people understand that libraries play a critical role in our Texas communities, providing education and access to information for people of all ages.  From children just learning their letters to seniors participating in a local book club, libraries are indispensable.  What many Texans don’t know is that Texas’ librarians spend an inordinate amount of their time fundraising.  Excessive fundraising can be detrimental to their mission.  While necessary, the time spent fundraising could better be spent providing additional services to people currently visiting libraries and encouraging additional library Texas Library Fundraisinguse throughout the communities they serve.  This would then elevate the educational level of Texas providing more opportunity and a greater sense of community and wellbeing. 

Unfortunately, it’s not always this way.

Librarians are compelled to pull together budgets with income from a variety of sources.  Each of these sources has their own criteria for funding.  Mastering and complying with the stipulated criteria takes valuable time away from their library’s patrons.

A very short list of the potential sources of funding includes:

  • Grants
  • Foundations
  • Corporations
  • State Sources
  • Local Residents
  • County Sources
  • Estate Bequests
  • Municipal Sources
  • Governmental Bodies
  • Events like Golf Outings
  • Friends of Library Organizations
  • Other Non-Profits Such as the United Way
  • and others


It’s a lot of work to raise the multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars it takes to keep each and every Texas library up, running and serving the public.  This is an annual effort.  Library fundraising never ends.  Texas libraries are deeply grateful to those that support them financially.  It’s not just the director that’s involved; the entire library staff is involved in raising money, as are many dedicated volunteers.

All libraries must fundraise.  There is no alternative as the amount of money received from the state is limited. If libraries don’t fundraise locally, it could be construed as a lack of local support for the institution.  Librarians are concerned that they may lose state funds if local municipal and/or county funds are decreased. The more funds received from local government, the more the state is assured of the need for the facility.  Everyone knows libraries are a necessity for the continued enrichment of our Texas communities.  Unfortunately, it is incumbent on each and every library to prove it year after year after year.

The task just became easier.

There’s a persistent, continuous way for Texas libraries to reach out to their communities all year round.  By utilizing Great Texas Fundraiser, libraries will have select events to build their fundraising efforts around.  We maintain a portfolio of sites that are designed to attract customers around certain national holidays.  For example, TexasDads.com is perfect for Father’s Day, TexasMoms.com is exquisite for Mother’s Day, and TexasValentines.com is made for Valentine’s Day. 

Additionally, libraries will have the opportunity to benefit from people that support their Texas Fundraisingcause, but are unaware of their need for resources.  When your library is listed as a “Friend of Texas,” it becomes very easy for you to direct your supporters to assist you as they celebrate birthdays, the birth of children, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other national gift giving occasions.   

It is of immense importance for Texas to continue to support and provide free library services to our citizens.  Let Great Texas Fundraiser help.

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